No Shade is a club night series & DJ training program for female & non-binary DJs based in Berlin.

No Shade is an initiative in collaboration with Acud macht Neu funded by Musicboard Berlin.

Our aim is to assist in the training and promotion of female & non-binary DJs, reserving two slots on each No Shade party lineup for program members.

No parties planned at the moment


Influenced by almost all genres, my contemporary preferences lay somewhere between bouncy rhythms and ruff hardstyle beats, emotional melodies and sharp percussions.

Thinking about music as a material source for triggering thoughts and emotions, my main focus is to experiment with sound and rhythms and the effect they have on the collective body.


My choice in music is genreless, my selection is determined through my cultural and nostalgic roots which range from dembow riddms to hardcore beats. (playful experimental and dark).

Its a fluditiy that mirrors my own identity.

Ace of Diamonds

Born and raised in Berlin, Ace of Diamonds is accelerating current club culture by taking apart well known structures.
As she tries to stay in touch with the diverse longings of the crowd, her sets are unpredictable. They are full of vivid mash ups and unusual combinations in genre and sound. Baile Funk and footwork go naturally together to keep the booty bumping. She wants to explore the possibilities of clubbing as an experience in community.


Ceekayin2u is one of the original founding members of Berlin based DJ collective No Shade, a DJ training program, club night series and collective for femme, trans and non-binary DJs. Her DJ sets combine elements from a variety of different genres, cultures and eras to create a sound which is fully focused on dancefloor energy. Find her spinning trax at one of Berlin’s Vogueing events as Ceekay Juicy Ninja or teaching a variety of dance classes at Motion’ s dance school.


Folly Ghost

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Folly Ghost was always involved with the Baile Funk local scene. Now based in Berlin, his sets feature a wide range of styles that can include Ballroom, Deep House, Afrobeats or anything that has a low bass and a fierce beat. His main commitment is to make booties shake and provide a mood where the celebration of different bodies and cultures are both possible and delightful.


Born and raised in Izmir, Turkey FORESTA is a member of Berlin’s No Shade collective. She’s known for her eclectic DJ sets including bass-heavy selections and fierce rhythms. Having been mostly inspired by UK sounds, she loves to mix them with new generation club tracks and global bass gems.

Grinder Teeth

Hailing from tha deep woods of Grinder, Norway, Grinder Teeth’s multidisciplinary sets utilise live improvisation through Ableton, sequencers and Max MSP to build amplified, soaked noise-soundscapes, blending pounding rhythms with layered vocals. Her work moves between genres of downtempo, trap and experimental with trax, teaching and sound art work building on syncopated beat structures drawing elements from noise, jazz and industrial grit, exploring sexuality and socio-political themes.

“Joining No Shade at a later point I use my experience with production & femme forward projects to support our fam & change the industry narrative for a more fleshy, experimental, and inclusive one in any way I can”.

Hunni’d Jaws

Sensual, anomalous, atmospheric, Hunni’d Jaws conjures a no-boundaries approach to club Hailing from Brooklyn, Hunnid shatters the club mold with unearthed dystopian beats defined by iridescent island rhythm, bass tremors & menacing percussion. Her ever-transforming, eclectic style exalts ballroom, hip hop, grime, latinx, & constructions facing the void-beyond.

She owes her extra-sensory intel to merengue, the core-rippling lab horns of Tsunami Bass & NYC undergrounds’ insatiable ethos. Her work diffuses rhythmic memory from her studies in contemporary movement & tribal fusion bellydance.She seeks creative refuge in Berlin hosting “Call Dibs” that rides the pulsing edge with emerging hyperreal textures on Berlin Community Radio. Music speaks to her flesh launching her into production, engineering, and music access activism.


I was born and raised in London but after finishing my degree in Engineering and not knowing what I want to do with my life I decided to move to Berlin to explore a new city. I have always loved all genres of music, when I first came to Berlin I was obsessed with house/techno but decided to DJ with more UK sounds like Garage, Grime, Bass, UK Hip Hop and Funky House, mashing them up with international sounds like Baile Funk, Afrobeats and Reggaeton. My first introduction to DJing was while presenting radio shows, currently I have a regular show on Cashmere Radio called Pass The Aux.


Born in Sweden and currently based in Berlin, Linnéa Palmestål is a resident DJ at the popular TRADE party at OHM, as well as the main teacher and co-founder of No Shade. Back in the spring of 2014, without any DJ experience or skills whatsoever, LINNÉA managed to score a DJ residency for the monthly Berlin drag party Sissy. Focusing on selecting the finest tunes by the female hip-hop and R&B artists of the 90’s and early 00’s, advanced mixing techniques weren’t a necessity at the time. Over the following couple of years though, LINNÉA focused on improving her DJing skills and as she got better, eventually started teaching others in the process.

Last year LINNÉA started an initiative in the name of, and inspired by, the online community Sister – a platform for female identifying and non-binary people in music. This initiative set the foundation for what in the beginning of 2017 developed into No Shade, where LINNÉA now fills the role as the main teacher. LINNÉA’s energizing, au-courant sets span glossy trap, futuristic grime, R&B, neo-reggaeton and other hybrid styles that challenge the Euro step/touch hegemony.


Raised with a multi-cultural background of Singapore-Malay and Turkish, I try to incorporate elements of southeast asian flavours into my DJ sets along with deconstructed club music, rave, reggaeton, hip hop and electronic. Often dark and nostalgic, I feel a sense of emotional healing after playing each set.


The Berlin based Brazilian artist Perigga mixes worldwide sounds in well researched and captivating sets that vary style wise. Bass heavy percussion and hypnotic rhythms will get you hooked throughout her energetic performances where she experiments with moods and genres.

Perigga is an active member of the No Shade collective and has been part of other interdisciplinary artist collectives. Diversity and inclusiveness are important aspects of the club and community spheres she contributes to. She’s currently working on an EP that is expected to be released in 2019.

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