No Shade is a Berlin based collective that runs club nights & DJ training programs for female, non-binary and trans DJs.


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Grinder Teeth

Hailing from tha deep woods of Grinder, Norway, Grinder Teeth’s multidisciplinary sets utilise live improvisation through Ableton, sequencers and Max MSP to build amplified, soaked noise-soundscapes, blending pounding rhythms with layered vocals. Her work moves between genres of downtempo, trap and experimental with trax, teaching and sound art work building on syncopated beat structures drawing elements from noise, jazz and industrial grit, exploring sexuality and socio-political themes.

“Joining No Shade at a later point I use my experience with production & femme forward projects to support our fam & change the industry narrative for a more fleshy, experimental, and inclusive one in any way I can”.