No Shade is a club night series & DJ training program for female & non-binary DJs based in Berlin.

No Shade is an initiative in collaboration with Acud macht Neu funded by Musicboard Berlin.

Our aim is to assist in the training and promotion of female & non-binary DJs, reserving two slots on each No Shade party lineup for program members.


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Hunni’d Jaws

Sensual, anomalous, atmospheric, Hunni’d Jaws conjures a no-boundaries approach to club Hailing from Brooklyn, Hunnid shatters the club mold with unearthed dystopian beats defined by iridescent island rhythm, bass tremors & menacing percussion. Her ever-transforming, eclectic style exalts ballroom, hip hop, grime, latinx, & constructions facing the void-beyond.

She owes her extra-sensory intel to merengue, the core-rippling lab horns of Tsunami Bass & NYC undergrounds’ insatiable ethos. Her work diffuses rhythmic memory from her studies in contemporary movement & tribal fusion bellydance.She seeks creative refuge in Berlin hosting “Call Dibs” that rides the pulsing edge with emerging hyperreal textures on Berlin Community Radio. Music speaks to her flesh launching her into production, engineering, and music access activism.