No Shade is a club night series & DJ training program for female & non-binary DJs based in Berlin.

No Shade is an initiative in collaboration with Acud macht Neu funded by Musicboard Berlin.

Our aim is to assist in the training and promotion of female & non-binary DJs, reserving two slots on each No Shade party lineup for program members.


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Born in Sweden and currently based in Berlin, Linnéa Palmestål is a resident DJ at the popular TRADE party at OHM, as well as the main teacher and co-founder of No Shade. Back in the spring of 2014, without any DJ experience or skills whatsoever, LINNÉA managed to score a DJ residency for the monthly Berlin drag party Sissy. Focusing on selecting the finest tunes by the female hip-hop and R&B artists of the 90’s and early 00’s, advanced mixing techniques weren’t a necessity at the time. Over the following couple of years though, LINNÉA focused on improving her DJing skills and as she got better, eventually started teaching others in the process.

Last year LINNÉA started an initiative in the name of, and inspired by, the online community Sister – a platform for female identifying and non-binary people in music. This initiative set the foundation for what in the beginning of 2017 developed into No Shade, where LINNÉA now fills the role as the main teacher. LINNÉA’s energizing, au-courant sets span glossy trap, futuristic grime, R&B, neo-reggaeton and other hybrid styles that challenge the Euro step/touch hegemony.